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TL Jones explores her sexual side as she debuts her newest video off her EP. 

R.I.D.E Lyric video

Do you like the song? Do you wish you knew what the words were? Well, look no further!!!!

Slay - TL Jones

Check out this great video to TL's first single off her EP. This video features her oldest daughter Zyon and her friend Selena.

King Vs Monarchy 223 (TL Jones Reference)

The battle between King and Monarchy 223 was very entertaining, but, what entertained me the most was the TL Jones reference that was within King's round. You know you've made it when you are apart of someone's round in a battle rap!!! ANNNNNDDD when people actually get the reference!!!!

Check out TL Jones newest performance

Witness TL Jones' performance as she combines both HipHop and R&B in one set. So, be prepared to be hyped as you watch!


This was the show that TL was looking forward to for a long time. This is the first time that she performed at an all R&B showcase and felt right at home. You can tell based on how comfortable she was on stage. Enjoy the performance! If you want to see other versions, check out the links below!

Miss me at LFK Get down Vol 1 

Miss me at Bottleneck

TL Jones performs "YOU"

TL Jones shows her more vulnerable side as she performs her song off her song "You" off of her first EP "No Chaser". The angle, the lighting, the vocals, the hair, everything was magical in this moment and we think you'll think the same after you watch.

This is not the first time TL Jones has performed "You" Click on the links to see other versions of this song performed!!

R&B Showcase

Female showcase 2018

TL Jones performs "slay"

women's showcase with spotlight lfk

This performance was smoking hot! Not only did TL Jones rock a new look, she also rocked a new addition to her set. Her impromptu chair dance left audiences not only shocked but amazed. Curious? Check out the video here! Make sure you go over to YouTube to leave comments!

This is not the first time TL has done multiple songs in one set. Look at the other's right here!


Doc Stonez Concert Series

"I know what to do with it" by TL Jones and Dre Logic

 This new song called "I know what to do with it" is a completely new sound for TL Jones. It has raunchy undertones and suggestive lyrics that breaks her out of her PG-13 character and lyrics that she is known for. 

She is joined on the song by Dre Logic  who is a Lawrence, KS native and rapper. She will be appearing on his new project on two other songs entitled "Pour it Up" and "One day at a time". Be on the lookout for more music from the both of them. In the meantime, enjoy the song! Comment!