So, a bit about the music

Every song listed on this page I have personally written or helped write. I am very proud of all of the projects that I have been associated with. I take great pride in my work and in the fact that I do not stick to one specific genre. Make sure you check out all of the songs and let me know what you think!



Find miss me here!

Miss me is the SONG of 2019. If you have ever dealt with someone who was less than ideal this song is for you. Tell them to miss you with that BULLSHIT as you jam out to this banger by TL Jones

Now presenting: i know what to do with it!!


I know what to do with it highlight's one of TL's hidden talents, rapping. She is featured on this song with Dre Logic. Please be advised, this song is raunchy and parental advisory is encouraged.

TL's first studio project

Introducing, no chaser!!!!

It was a long transition from books to music but, nevertheless, it was done. It took a lot of courage to record my own project and I couldn't be prouder. 

Each song deals directly with a certain part of my life. This project introduced me to the world in another light. 

  1. Slay is the song that you listen to right before you go out with your friends. This song screams confidence.
  2. No Chaser is the club scene where, after one too man drinks, you get assertive and tell your potential interest exactly what you want. The idea behind this song is showcasing that it is ok for a woman to be sure of what she wants and also for her to voice it.
  3. You was the song that helped me make a decision about recording my own project. It is based off of Kehlani's style. This song is a song that shows appreciation for your significant other. It gives a soothing vibe from the harmonious background vocals to the super sweet lyrics. This is definitely a favorite.
  4. R.I.D.E came about as a way to round out the 

No chaser

Find this EP on all major platforms. Click the button to be taken to the landing page. 


Bukekastyle was my very first songwriting client.  She really help set my career ablaze. She also made me realize just how talented I was in different areas. Although I didn't write the entire project, I'm proud to have been apart of it. Look out for future music!

Neosoul - Written by TL Jones

The One - Co written by TL Jones and Bukekastyle 

Just like the Phoenix- Co written by TL Jones and Bukekastyle 

Find out more about Bukekastyle!

To get more information about Bukekastyle, her music,  brand, and businesses please visit her website!

Choices - Shauna Knapp

Shauna Knapp was my second successful client.  She brought me out my comfort zone to write music I wasn't accustomed to writing.  The end result was magic! Be on the lookout for other songs written by me and performed by Shauna Knapp later on this year!

Shauna Knapp - Masks

Shauna explores the harsh reality of depression within the industry in her new song "Masks" written by TL Jones. The vibrant visuals coupled with the daring stylings makes this a great video to watch. This video makes you take the time to evaluate your life and relationships.  At the end you'll asking yourself:

"Why do I feel the need to run and hide behind this mask"

Song coming soon to all platforms!!!!

shauna knapp - can't stand you ft equation

Have you ever wanted to tell someone that you couldn't stand them? Well, Shauna does just that in her new song "Can't Stand you" feat Equation. Her verse and chorus was written by TL Jones. So, if you have someone you cannot stand, sit down at a computer and send them this song. I promise you won't regret it!

Shauna Knapp

For more information about Shauna Knapp please visit her website!

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