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TL Jones joins morning madness

It only took one accidental appearance to sell TL Jones on joining the Morning Madness crew. She has went from being in front of the camera to working the control boards. Make sure you catch her every Friday from 8:00 am until 10:00 am CST. You are guaranteed a laugh or twelve.


Origins of Blk'N Whyt

TL Jones had the great idea to create a show that makes people think, laugh, and interact. She came up with the idea but it was only herself. She soon recruited Tee to be her co-host. The main ideal behind this show is that everyone tends to see things in Blk'N Whyt but we tend to see things in Gray. Not only do we have a talk show but we also have hilarious antics on several different platforms. Make sure you subscribe and follow us on our channel for more content. 

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