Humble beginnings

 TL Jones was born Ty'esha Lashea Jones on January 4, 1989. She was born and raised in Kansas City, KS where she graduated from Sumner Academy of Arts and Science in 2007.

After graduating, TL went through a period of her life where she did not know who she was. Her path to self discovery led her to be involved with a relationship that almost destroyed her. During this relationship she bore her first child, Zyon. Towards the end of her relationship, her and her daughter became homeless in early 2014.

After picking herself up, gaining employment, and finding a place to live things were finally starting to look up in the later part of 2014. It was during this time that she inserted herself into a relationship that proved to be her Happily Ever After, but, in time, it actually led to devastation.

Hurt and confused, she wrote Happily Never After: As it is written to distract herself from her feelings. The book became a overnight success and, at the urging of her friends, she submitted it to publishers. It was then that she was contacted by Cedar Loft Publishing where she was offered a three book deal based solely on the merit of her first book.

TL has written 4 books since 2015.

When Cedar Loft Publishing closed it's doors in 2017, TL Jones was picked up by World Castle Publishing where her "Happily Never After" series will be re-released with her third one on the way. Look out for more books and music by TL Jones.

Since 2016 TL Jones has been involved in the music scene. She has written and sung multiple songs. Please go to the music page to hear music that either TL has written, performed, or both.